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About Dental Care of Beverly Hills


The Top Preventive & Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills


At Dental Care of Beverly Hills, we understand how busy everyone's schedules could get. That's why our in-house licensed Oral Surgeon, and Periodontist are here to ensure you get the special care and attention you deserve without bouncing around various single-dentist practices. This is just another reason why our patients love us so much. We are proud to help create a smile that suits YOU. That is the mission of Dr. Ken Lalezarian, our extremely talented and experienced cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. Dr. Lalezarian has acquired years of training and skill through his service to the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area with state-of-the-art general dentistry, veneers, invisalign, and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Dental Care of Beverly Hills was built by a highly dedicated team thatoffers quality dental services using state-of-the-art treatments. It’s taken Dr. Lalezarian and the team years of hard work to get where they are today and now they stand as one of the best dental practices in the Beverly Hills area.




Patient's Experience


One of our dear patients suffered a traumatic work incident a few years back. She visited our office in a time that she needed help most and we couldn’t be more proud to be by her side during her recovery and restoration. Our dear patient had a successful multidisciplinary treatment and coordinated team work. Please enjoy this mini documentary of her incredible journey.


Dr. Lalezarian and his Patients

5 Foods and Habits That Discolor Your Teeth

Do you avoid the camera because of your discolored teeth? Is the mirror reflecting a yellow hue instead of a flash of brilliant white when you smile? Here are a few sneaky reasons why your pearly whites are looking a bit dingy.

Do All Wisdom Teeth Need to Come Out?

Is removing your wisdom teeth wise? You may have heard conflicting opinions. Read on to learn why the issue is fuzzy and how to decide what to do about your wisdom teeth.

Patient Testimonials
  • We love our patients - Insurances work great here - Thousands of happy patients!


    The doctor is so full of positive energy and is so professional! He is also very honest and will never try to sell what you don't need.

    EMMA A., Yelp

  • We love our patients - Insurances work great here - Thousands of happy patients!


    Dr. Lalezarian is an amazing dentist! He is highly experienced and uses the latest technology in the industry.

    MORRIS L., Yelp

  • We love our patients - Insurances work great here - Thousands of happy patients!


    This dentistry is cozy, all staff give you that "we are family" vibe. They alllll really care about you as an individual as well as your health.

    MRS. W., Yelp

  • We love our patients - Insurances work great here - Thousands of happy patients!


    I have been to many dentist (unfortunately) but Dr Lalezarian is the first to diagnose my problem correctly in 20 minutes it was incredible.


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