Quality, Long Lasting Dentures By Dental Care Of Beverly Hills
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Quality, Long Lasting Dentures By Dental Care Of Beverly Hills

While nobody wants to have to wear dentures, nobody can go on without teeth either - not if you want to continue eating anything chewier than ice cream or speak clearly enough to be understood. Everyday oral functions like speaking and eating normally can be very difficult without teeth, never mind the look of your smile. At Dental Care of Beverly Hills, we offer a complete selection of cosmetic and restorative dental solutions, so you can eat, smile, and talk like you always did. Dentures are one of the most commonly requested, low cost dental solutions for missing teeth. A denture is an acrylic mouthpiece that replaces natural teeth and fills out the face, so the lips and cheeks can retain their natural fullness.

Dentures offered by General Dentist in Beverly Hills

Usually, a conventional denture is made after all teeth have been removed and the gums have finished healing. However, a patient can opt for an immediate or temporary denture, which can be inserted immediately after teeth extraction. This way, the patient doesn't have to go toothless and can eat and chew with some normalcy before getting fitted with more permanent dentures.

Full and partial dentures are available, depending on how many teeth you are missing. Just like full dentures, partial dentures are fully removable. They are attached to your neighboring teeth with a clasp, so it is usually stable enough to stay in place when you eat or chew. The prosthetic teeth are made of plastic or porcelain, or a combination of both substances. Dentures are also flexible enough to be temporarily used to maintain gums and spacing between existing teeth while waiting to get bridges or implants.

Eat Better With Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are more stable than conventional dentures, because it uses titanium implants to secure your denture inside your mouth. The implants integrate with your jawbone to anchor your prosthetic teeth, which provides more chewing strength than traditional dentures - allowing the wearer to eat crunchy foods like corn on the cob and fresh apples. In addition to superior chewing capabilities, implant retained dentures can also preserve the integrity of your facial structure - preventing premature aging and bone loss. However, this involves delicate dental surgery, and not all patients may be a good candidate for this procedure due to pre-existing conditions. As always, Dr. Lalezarian is happy to discuss all your treatment options, so you can choose the procedure that's right for you.

What To Expect When Getting Fitted For Dentures

Customizing your dentures involve several office visits, since Dr. Lalezarian must take measurements and impressions after all the swelling and healing has completed. This is when he will determine the teeth and gum color appropriate to your complexion, so your dentures will look as natural as possible. Additional adjustments may be made to your dentures for a more exact fit.

It can take a few weeks to adjust to speaking and eating with your new dentures. With normal use over time, dentures will need to be replaced or relined in order to maintain your jaw alignment. Your jaw alignment will slowly change as time goes on, because the bone and gum ridges will recede or shrink without teeth to anchor it. As long as you get your dentures adjusted and relined at the appropriate times, you should be able to eat and speak normally without missing a beat. Even without natural teeth, regular dentist visits are still important to make sure that your gums and oral tissues remain healthy and disease free.

The Benefits Of Dentures

Most types of dentures may be removed, making it easier for cleaning and eliminating the danger of trapped food in the gums. There's no need for dental surgery, and can be easily replaced if they are damaged or broken for any reason. They are also the ideal solution for many patients because:

  • Dentures are far more affordable than implants
  • Depending on the patient, dental implants can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to integrate into the jawbone
  • Habitual teeth grinders may not be suitable for dental implants
  • The bones may have shrunk too much and cannot support the implant
  • Pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or ingrained habits like smoking may impede bone integration and healing

Summary and Contact Information

If you think you need dentures or would like to make an appointment to discuss other possible treatments, please call Dental Care of Beverly Hills at (310) 275-0838 or fill out our contact request form and our staff will be happy to assist you as soon as possible.

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