Fillings & Cavities Restoration By Dental Care of Beverly Hills
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Natural Looking Fillings & Restorations

Interested in treating cavities? Visit our Beverly Hills office.

While cavities are one of the more common and milder dental problems, they are also one of the most commonly ignored - which can lead to a full blown dental emergency down the road. Cavities are holes in the enamel and dentin, which are the 2 hard layers that are supposed to protect the soft pulp tissue in your tooth. While cavities by themselves are not painful, their consequences may very well be.

Because cavities weaken the tooth, the continuous pressure can cause the tooth to crack or break, which can cause extreme pain and discomfort. The cavities also allow food and bacteria to penetrate to the pulp, increasing your chances of developing an agonizing dental abscess, which may require a root canal. And should you leave an infected tooth untreated, the infection can snowball to your gums, which can then lead to a weakened and receding gum line. While cavities are no medical emergency, leaving them untreated can certainly result in one.

Tooth Colored Inlays & Onlays For Undetectable Dental Restoration

At Dental Care of Beverly Hills, we are proud to offer combination ceramic and porcelain inlays and onlays, which are the latest advancements in tooth filling and bonding technology. They are not only beautiful and natural looking, but they also add strength and reinforcement to the weakened tooth. Unlike silver fillings, which are garish looking and are weaker due to its tendency to corrode and leak, porcelain fillings are stable and long lasting, non-staining to your gums, and contain no mercury. We can easily and safely replace your silver fillings with tooth colored onlays, so people will notice your smile instead of your dental restoration.

Powerful Dental Sealants For Easy Tooth Restoration

During the course of a routine dental exam, you may find a tooth that is on the verge of developing a cavity. In cases like these, the application of dental sealants are recommended to protect your tooth. Dental sealants are thin coatings that are applied on the chewing surfaces of your back teeth to protect them from developing a cavity. This is a great example of preventative dentistry.

The advantage of applying sealants is that there is no need for drilling or removal of any enamel or dentin. The process of sealant application is short and easy and is done in the same visit.

Because sealants are clear or white, they are not noticeable to the naked eye, making it one of the most undetectable types of dental restorations. With proper dental hygiene and regular dentist visits, sealants can last for as long as 5 to 10 years before they need another reapplication.

Notice The Smile, Not The Work

When you choose Dental Care Of Beverly Hills, you can expect the most natural looking results with our state of the art dental restoration techniques. Dr. Lalezarian has successfully performed natural looking dental restorations on thousands of patients from Beverly Hills and Los Angeles throughout his 35 year career, earning him the reputation as one of the most respected restorative and cosmetic dentists in th

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